Brisbane Tenanted Industrial Shed Solar Power System

Brisbane Tenanted Industrial Shed Solar Power System

Brisbane Tenanted Industrial Shed Solar Power System

The Property

The property is a tenanted industrial shed owned by a private investor. The shed covers approximately 5,000 sqm and is leased by a transportation business.

Electricity Bills

The tenant’s power consumption bill was $6,600 per quarter, or $36,400 per annum, consuming approximately 268 kw a day and 96,144 kw p.a.

Solution Delivered

Spinifex Energy installed a 35 kilowatt solar system comprising of 134 BYD 270W photovoltaic solar panels and two Fronius Inverters to meet the tenant’s consumption needs and reduce annual kilowatt usage to successfully transition the property from its current C&I tariff to a SME business tariff and thereby eliminating distribution, regulatory, network and other associated charges. These charges primarily relate to the delivery and usage of electricity through network and Governmental schemes which are designed to encourage additional electricity generation from renewable sources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Savings Achieved

The property owner now benefits alongside the tenant for installing a solar system on their investment property. This is achieved via our unique clean energy model and innovative dual billing system allowing the property owner to receive an estimated $10,000 p.a. of additional income generated from investing in the solar system while the tenant saves approximately $8,000 p.a. on power consumption charges.

➢ 25% discount on the standard electricity grid power rate.
➢ $10,000p.a. of additional cashflow stream for the property owner.
➢ Increase in property value due to increase income return improving yields.
➢ C&I to SME tariff transition possible