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High quality solar solutions designed to power your home, make you more sustainable AND save you money

Depending on how many people live under your roof, your home can really tear through the power. Add air conditioning or a swimming pool to the mix and combine it with rising energy prices and your bills are growing every quarter.

Whether small or large, single story or two, there is no better time to have one of our specialists design an energy saving solar solution for your family’s home.

We take time to understand your needs and offer custom designs to produce maximum savings for your family.  We take care with our work and ensure safety is our number one priority. 

Most importantly, our aftermarket care can be relied on to ensure savings for years to come.


The Process

Our custom home solar solutions are the result of diligently working to clearly understand the problem before we make a recommendation. That means researching to get the full picture of what you are trying to achieve with the shift to a new home solar power system.


How we install a new residential solar system – Our 3 Step Process

  1. We capture your daily energy usage patterns and load profiles and feed the data into our specialised software and tools

  2. Then, we combine the recommendations from our technology systems with the knowledge gained over 10 years on the roofs of homes around Brisbane and the rest of Queensland to accurately model solar power system designs that will deliver savings over time

  3. Once a design is agreed upon, we carefully manage the entire process from purchase to grid connection to switching things on, and are happy to partner with other trades to ensure a seamless project. 

SE Process@2x.png

Thank you so much Tom for making the transition to solar energy so seamless. It was a pleasure doing business with your professional company.
— Jennifer Douglas, Home owner

Pricing Guide


Small House, 1-2 people


  • 12 x Solar Panels
  • 3kW Inverter
  • Estimated Quarterly Savings: $250
  • Average System Cost: $3,000 - $4,900

Medium House, 2-4 people


  • 20 x Solar Panels
  • 5kW Inverter
  • Estimated Quarterly Savings: $390
  • Average System Cost: $4,000 - $6,900

Large House, 4+ people


  • 24 x Solar Panels
  • 5kW Inverter
  • Estimated Quarterly Savings: $525
  • Average System Cost: $4,500 - $8,900

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