Brisbane Home Solar Power System

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The Property

This family home is a five-bedroom home with a pool and an automatic garage along with fridges, freezers and air-conditioners. It uses approximately 40 kilowatt hours of electricity per day with one parent at home with children much of the day.  As a result of a location in a flood prone region, the house has had a pump installed to mitigate flood events.

Electricity Bills

The electricity bills were up to $1,300 per quarter or $5,200 per annum.

Solution Delivered

Spinifex Energy installed a 13-kilowatt solar system which consisted of 39 premium x LG Neon2 335W solar panels and a SolaX three-phase inverter coupled with 16.8 kilowatt hours of battery storage.  The system provides the home with full backup capability during power outages.  The battery storage unit consisted of seven 2.4kWh Pylontech batteries in a wall-mounted enclosure. The battery storage unit needed full backup to allow the pump to engage during a full power outage.

“We were unsure where to start with Solar, and after talking to Tom and his team it was clear they knew what they were doing. We’ve been very happy with the outcome.”

— Tom and Kate, Homeowners

Savings Achieved

The system produces approximately 59 kilowatt hours of electricity per day reducing the daily power consumption by up to 60% and completely fills the battery storage each day.

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