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As Described by Founder and Director, Tom Warriner

I started Spinifex Energy after a half a decade of working across rural Queensland and the Northern Territory helping property owners take their cattle stations, feedlots and cropping properties to market for a fair price.

You could say agriculture was in blood, so the job made good sense. I grew up on one of the biggest cattle stations in the world – Newcastle Waters in the Northern Territory.

Watching my family manage over 10,000 square kilometres of agricultural land, I learned how important reliable and affordable energy is. Without power from a grid, we had to be self-sufficient and relied on generators to power everything. Not surprisingly, most of my childhood memories seem to have a Kubota generator droning away in the background!

In my travels I noticed there were big changes coming: stations were starting to look at replacing expensive diesel-powered machinery with solar power systems powered by panels. Their managers were struggling to rationalise financing and maintaining their investment and managing to getting a positive return on their spend. They needed someone they could trust, someone who knew what they were trying to do, to advise them.

A curious tinkerer from way back, I realised I was the perfect person for the job. So in mid-2018 I set up Spinifex Energy.

Helping Brisbane Businesses and Homeowners

Looking into the situation closer to my current home in Brisbane, and with a newborn baby crying up the hall, I noticed that local businesses and home owners were facing similar troubles to people in the bush.

Starting with the type of people who sell solar.

I’ve found there are three sorts:

  1. The pushy, too-good-to-be-true, door-knock-the-street sort. These people give the industry a horrible name. Half fly-by-night and the rest just a bit too good to be true, they’re responsible for more bad solar stories than anyone else. Quick to give you a solution and take a deposit, they’ll either take off with your money and never show again, or install a sub-par system with a warranty as useful as Donald Trump’s comb.

  2. The top of the line all the time sort. Not much better than the other, but for different reasons. This sort are more likely to steer you to a super premium solution with someone they have ‘exclusive’ contracts with and ‘preferential finance’ than they are to just give you what you need. Also more likely to be a bit cheeky with the return on investment/break even and rebate calculations. Some are OK but buyer beware.

  3. The objective but practical operator sort. These people know you might need a bit of education about how all of the technology and the calculations and the incentives work, and they understand that the system needs to be able to deliver the savings you are looking for. They also need to be able to tell you when solar is not going to be a good option for you (and there are times when that is the case).

Spinifex Energy falls into the third category.

We source from a range of solar providers and our allegiance is with you, not them, so we’ll recommend what makes sense for your situation.

We want to get your system designed, installed and operating without much fanfare or fuss. And while we do that, we’ll go out of our way to explain how your solar power system can be used and what to do if things stop working.

Spinfiex Energy owner Tom Warriner inspecting a solar power panel installation at a client’s home in Balmoral, Brisbane.

Spinfiex Energy owner Tom Warriner inspecting a solar power panel installation at a client’s home in Balmoral, Brisbane.

Finance Options


  • 5-year workmanship warranty