Brisbane Industrial Shed 100kW Solar Power System

Industrial Shed Commercial Solar

The Property

Headquarters for a renowned Australian roofing company Pantex Roofing Systems, the roof space is ideal for a large-scale solar system.  The business operates between the hours of 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday and operations involve industrial tools for cutting and shaping roofing material.

The Electricity Bills:

Electricity consumption was approximately $51,969.00 per annum consuming approximately 581 kilowatt hours a day.

The Solar Solution:

The solar system consists of 300 x Trina 330W photovoltaic solar panels and three Fronius 27 kW inverters.

The Savings:

The system produces approximately 433 kilowatt hours of electricity per day reducing the daily power consumption by up to 80%.  The estimated savings are $6,908.00 per quarter or $27,634.00 per annum.