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Energy Procurement 

The old method of securing the best business electricity rates is broken.


energy procurement and energy savings for business

Energy Procurement

Simply asking for quotes from three electricity Retailers and choosing what appears to be the cheapest deal may be a costly exercise for your business.

The entire national electricity market has become volatile and confusing and is causing skyrocketing costs for businesses across the country.

But with careful planning and clinical execution Spinifex Energy has simplified the procurement process with a core purpose of making a tangible improvement to the bottom line for our clients.   

We have a bold vision to save our collective client base over $6 million in the 2024/25 financial year, and over $26 million in savings by 2030!  (We are tipping the scales at uncovering $200,000 per month currently)


Our Energy Brokerage Services


Unlike other brokerage firms Spinifex Energy commenced brokering electricity supply agreements for our clients by helping businesses EXIT costly and unfavourable contracts sold under the guise of a ‘good deal’.

Whether you are in hospitality, agriculture, manufacturing, childcare, industrial or logistics the Spinifex process is simple:

 1. We put our client’s needs first in everything we do.  If we aren’t improving or optimising the cost of electricity, we aren’t working within our values;

2. We explore every avenue available to us to find innovative or out-of-the-box savings / solutions.  This may come in the form of a tariff review or an early termination from a costly contract – needless to say if there is a way to improve your bottom line, we will find it.

3. We build long-term relationships – our clients love working with us because we love what we do, and we have fun doing it!  


Off Grid Solar System

What makes spinifex energy different

Why Choose Us?

Our integrated services offering opens up savings and efficiencies across the spectrum of business electricity consumption and management.  We procure / broker electricity supply contracts, install solar power systems, improve the overall energy efficiency, but these are just services.  Why our clients choose to work with us over a long term is a little more complicated:

We are data driven

We find out everything there is to know about your current energy use, the volume of energy you need, and the challenges posed by your location, surrounding land and buildings.

We follow strict processes

With a 12-step competitive tender process from data collection to analysis the recommendations we make to our clients are accurate and thoroughly tested.  This brings a level of accuracy and foresight that is lacking in the industry currently. 

You incentivised for success

Our team don’t benefit from the size or value of your electricity bill, and nor should we.  This is a severely broken way of doing business that others in the industry rely on.  We incentivise our staff for building lasting relationships and finding innovative ways to improve the bottom line for our clients.

Energy Procurement FAQs

What is a C&I electricity bill?

In Queensland the threshold for a C&I electricity customer is 100,000 kilowatt hours.  So, for every business that uses more than 100,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year is considered a C&I client and therefore is required to contract their energy.  This is generally done on a minimum of 12 months or a maximum of 60 months.

How does the wholesale electricity market affect C&I clients?
Can a C&I client break or terminate their electricity contracts early?