Why Spinifex Energy

We have done the research and found 5 keys to removing risks and pitfalls when installing solar panels in Brisbane




We have gone to enormous lengths to stand out from the rest of the crowd by providing an unmatched service in the energy market.  Our team has cracked the code to maximise solar power generation and improve the consistency of electricity savings. 

clean energy council approved solar retailer

Being a signatory to a strict Code of Conduct means you can be assured of the workmanship is of an industry leading standard.  There is little to no recourse for poor workmanship for consumers who don’t choose a Approved Solar Retailer. 


guaranteed solar generation guaranteed savings

We take the upmost care and consideration with all of our solar and battery installations to ensure the very best solar energy generation.  But we go an extra step by guaranteeing the solar production of all our systems.  This guarantees the customer will receive consistent electricity savings.  How many other solar installers can provide you this guarantee?

electricity retailer plan review

Our work doesn’t stop once we have completed a solar or battery installation – we continue to provide support in order to achieve the best possible electricity savings.  We do this by undertaking quarterly reviews of your electricity plan to ensure you have the best possible rates in an ever changing marketplace. 

Ongoing maintenance schedule

To ensure ongoing solar and battery operation and maximise electricity savings we need to adequately maintain your solar system. Preemptive maintenance has been proven to uncover undue wear and tear early and improve the uptime of all our managed solar systems.  This is how we uncover more savings for our customers than any other solar installer.  

prompt service calls

Every minute a solar system is not operational a customer is forgoing savings.  By providing prompt priority service to our managed solar systems we are identifying and removing the variable costs and losses that the solar industry tries to keep quiet.  We have a team of 25 skilled service technicians on the road to keep our managed solar systems operating and providing consistent energy savings.

Did we also mention?

Spinifex Energy has done the hard work to understand the premium hardware brands in the market and has put our professional technicians through specialty training to ensure the highest standard of solar power and storage.  

Our Partners:

Tom and the team at Spinifex Energy were really professional.

They understood what we were trying to achieve and designed a solar system for our childcare centre that has made it easier to reduce our operating costs.

Plus it’s better for the environment.

Jana Walker

Owner/Operator, TimberTots Childcare

Thank you so much Tom for making the transition to solar energy so seamless.

It was a pleasure doing business with your professional company.


Jennifer Douglas

Home Owner

Thanks Tom for your knowledge and expertise making our move to solar energy so painless.

I highly recommend your company without hesitation wheneversomeone mentions making the investment in solar for their home.

Happy to have worked with you.

Jason Davies

Home Owner