Hewitt Cattle

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Alice Springs
Northern Territory

Tailored Renewable Energy Solution

  • 150kW Ground Mounted Solar System


  • 960kWh Sealed VRLA Gel Battery Storage in Climate-Controlled Storage Containers


  • 12m Telecom Tower

Enabling Expansion and Productivity for a Leading Agricultural Company

Hewitt Cattle, a leader in the Australian agricultural industry, sought to upgrade its existing electrical infrastructure across its recently acquired property portfolio. They aimed to centralise their operations
and reduce costs by using a single homestead. Spinifex were, chosen for our rural expertise, and recommended a 150kW off-grid solar system and 960kWh of sealed valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) gel battery storage, known for their high power output and longevity. The system was carefully designed to accommodate current and future needs, with a telecom tower for better communication and climate-controlled containers for equipment storage.

How We Helped

We conducted a comprehensive assessment of Hewitt Cattle’s current challenges and future needs. This involved evaluating solar size, battery capacity, and backup generation to prevent component strain common in harsh rural settings. The system was designed to allow for future growth, including a commercial kitchen and additional accommodation. It also incorporated a telecom tower to enable monitoring, climate-controlled containers to extend equipment life, and sealed VRLA gel batteries with high power output and a long design life.


To maintain daily operations the system had to flawlessly operate
within its specified parameters, averaging 15-25kW hourly and
consuming 250-350kWh daily. Recognizing the need for
significant capital expenditure to generate their own power,
Spinifex was strategically selected based on its product
knowledge and rural experience, crucial for understanding the
challenges of distance, climate, and harsh conditions. Since
installation, the system has consistently performed as intended,
enabling Hewitt Cattle to meet its growing power needs.

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